Proper winterization is an important step in creating a high purity extract.

  1.  Proper winterization is an important step in creating a highly purified extract. Winterization removes lipids from crude extract. 

Carbon / Bleach Scrubbing


 Questions on remedies for dark concentrates often arise; carbon is the simplest answer to remove inpurities. When an extract is polished it loses some of its desirable components, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. Our tequniques reduce loss of those desireable components.

THC Removal / Remediation

THC Removal from "hot testing" hemp

In order to get your hemp based CBD to the market legally, our company can help by removing the higher than legally allowed levels of THC in your hemp extracts.

Distillation and Refinement

Through use of low heat distillation to target specific boil points of extracts to produce vapor.

Precise distillation is absolutely necessary for the production of medicinal CBD oils. Governement control of THC levels are stringently monitored in medical products allowed in the marketplace.

Through distillation, the crude extract is slowly heated in a flask with reduced pressure, until brought to their specific boiling points, forming vapors. The vapors are then cooled in a vertical condenser and the compounds in the oil are collected separately.